Friday, 28 November 2014

Avon UK Domestic Violence Campaign - #Wall of Silence

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This year the world of social media has really been helping everyone acknowledge a heap of charities for well worthy causes such as the Ice bucket challenge for ALS , the no make up selfie for breast cancer, selfie with your dog for the Manchester dogs home and many many more!

Although I have taken part in the majority of them when I heard about this great campaign that Avon has started I had to write a blog post to accompany my selfie and donation because it is something that I rarely discussed and it touched me. Avon UK are running the #wallofsilence selfie campaign in aid of  Domestic Violence and I am shocked that I did not know about this sooner.

This is my 'SHHH' selfie and for every selfie with the hashtag wallofsilence, Avon will donate £1....

Avon UK launched its Speak Out against Domestic Violence campaign in 2009 and has raised more than £1.5 million for charity partners Refuge and Women's Aid. Learn more about Avon UK's support for women's causes here.

I have experience domestic abuse myself - I have been head butted,  man handled and emotionally/mentally abused by an ex partner. Until this day he would never admit the violence he made against me, infact he told everyone that I had made up him head butting me the night it happened which upset me greatly. However when we broke up he did apologise for mistreating me as a boyfriend - whether this includes the violent/emotional abuse I do not know but at the time I didn't listen to family and friends. I went back to him and I shouldn't of. I never spoke out about it again - until we broke up. But everytime I see domestic violence on a show or a friend comes to me because of something they have experienced I can not help but be deeply touched by it all because I have been there too.

Not many people speak up about it - men or women - and we really should! So I wanted to let anyone know who is reading this now that you can speak up about your experiences; to your family, friends, to me if you have to, my email address is available so I am more then willing to give any advice I can.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, or think you know someone who might be,
please reach out and get support: | |

Please help spread the word and share your selfie!

(Please note this is NOT a sponsored post)

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