Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hair: My hair journey 2015

Hey all!

This post is long overdue and as I get asked about my hair quite a lot nowadays I thought I might as well do a little blog post about it and take my blog into a new direction that focuses more around hair and reviewing hair, who knows! If I get complimented on my hair chances are there will always be a follow up question 'is that all your hair' and I don't usually go into great detail but I explain that it isn't my own hair. However women are pretty persistent in finding out what brand, style of hair you're wearing and who installed it. When I tell them it's a wig all hell breaks loose.

Yes you read right, I have a love for wigs and I have been wearing them now for around six months. In particular I have purchased half wigs which means I keep the front part of my own hair out and style it, this makes it so much easier to blend my hair and make it look as 'natural' as possible.

So here's some looks I've been wearing recently.....

That's it for now but look out for more posts based around the following topics:
  • Protective hair styling
  • Hair reviews
  • Hair growth
  • How to....
  • Wig tips

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Bebhinn Wynne Judge said...

You are so beautiful!! Great post x

Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life

Julie - Ellen said...

Wow your hair looks amazing - and you would NEVER guess it was a wig x