Sunday, 28 June 2015

Outfit of the Day: Hotpants so soon?

Hi Gorgeous!

My most recent outfit shared with you all on Vine is this weekend's outfit from when I attended a birthday BBQ and decided it was time to get the shorts out as it was such lovely weather....

Denim shirt - Forever 21
Hotpants - H&M
Pumps - Primark

However I wasn't 100% ready to get my thighs and near enough my bum cheeks out so I covered up a bit with footless tights. You can check out a better look from my Vine video...


I have to say I didn't think things through and forgot how much denim shirts cling to you in warm weather but I completely forgot to bring a change of top so I had to stick it out. And sure enough as the evening progressed and it got cooler I felt fine again.

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